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Application of Fracture Mechanics to Structural Life Assessment等学术报告

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报告人 Aleksandar Sedmak等专家学者 时间 9月12日10:00
地点 南校区信远2区206​ 报告时间

讲座时间:必兆娱乐2019-09-12 10:00至16:00



讲座1:Application of Fracture Mechanics to Structural Life Assessment

讲座人:Aleksandar Sedmak


必兆娱乐塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德大学机械工程学院教授,同时是贝尔格莱德机械工程学院创新中心负责人。2006-2009,担任贝尔格莱德大学副校长。2003-2006年,担任塞尔维亚科技发展部副部长;1999-2002年,担任美国费城Drexel大学客座教授; Sedmak教授既是欧洲的结构完整性学会副会长(ESIS),弹塑性断裂力学技术委员会(TC1)的成员和TC13联席主席,又是塞尔维亚结构力学和社会寿命(DivK)研究所的负责人。在科学研究领域,Sedmak教授在ISI库期刊上发表了100余篇论文,且在国际会议上发表了200多篇论文,内容涉及断裂力学、疲劳、结构可靠性和寿命,数值方法(有限元法),生物材料等多个领域。培养出50多个博士生,其中包括在罗马尼亚,马其顿和斯洛文尼亚的外国大学就读的学生。他也是罗马尼亚布拉索夫大学的名誉教授。


Theoretical basis for fracture mechanics parameters has been discussed, starting from the conservation law of J integral type. Twofold meaning of J integral, one as crack driving force, and the other, as material crack resistance, has been used to apply fracture mechanics basic concept to assess structural integrity and life of different critical components, exposed to fatigue. Remaining life is the focus of investigation, using the empirical laws for crack growth rates. Numerical simulations for fatigue crack growth are inherently complex both due to complex material damage processes and lack of sound theoretical basis to define them. Anyhow, combination of theoretical, experimental and numerical approach is presented which has enabled reliable and efficient estimation of life.

讲座2:The research of human factor influence on risk in open pit mine

讲座人:Snezana Kirin




必兆娱乐With the increase in the number of risks and the complexity of technological-human systems, the number of potentially endangered people, environments and material resources also increase. When referring about risk management, "the human factor" means the collection and analysis of information about human abilities, their limitations and other characteristics in the context of the work they do, their mutual interaction and interaction with machines, systems and environments in order to realize secure workflow. People run the machine, make and adjust the organization of the work process and apply the rules and procedures. While the technology and work processes today are changing quickly and relatively easy, that is not the case with people. Presented research is conducted in the open pit coal mine, in 2017, during working hours, at the subject’s workplace, using a survey specially developed for this occasion. In the mine itself, risk assessment in the workplace is seen as a process which takes into account all work aspects and conditions, and determines the risk of injury or health conditions of employees.

讲座3:必兆娱乐Probabilistic engineering mechanics random vibrations in mechanical systems

讲座人:必兆娱乐Natasa Trisovic


塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德大学机械工程学院副教授,CEEPUS(Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) 计划成员,捷克工程大学力学工程学院客座教授(2009),波西尼亚巴尼亚卢卡大学力学工程学院客座教授(2010,2012),斯洛伐克科技大学力学工程学院客座教授,美国莱斯大学MEMS学院客座教授(2012-2014),EUREKA 计划 和ESPRIT 项目成员,塞尔维亚结构完整性与生命协会成员,塞尔维亚力学学会秘书长,研究方向为理论与应用力学,主要集中于对结构系统振动疲劳可靠性的数值研究。发表学术论文60多篇,参加项目10余项。


In pursuing solution techniques for probabilistic analysis of real-world problems with known qualitative patterns, one should be willing to compromise the accuracy to enhance the versatility or the efficiency of the technique. Stochastic treatments of engineering problems should conform to the prevalent physical features. On the other hand, intuitive decision making in a setting of uncertainty should be scrutinized by rigorous mathematical techniques as intuition can be erroneous. The lecture will focus on available tools for conducting random vibration analyses for practical engineering problems. An inherent aspect of this theme is the simultaneous existence of elements with linear behavior, and of elements of nonlinear behavior within the system. In this regard, techniques both for linear and nonlinear random vibration analyses will be discussed. Attention will be focused on traditional techniques such as statistical linearization and Monte Carlo simulation. Further, emerging techniques, such as wavelets as a tool for signal and response localization, and fractional calculus as a tool for capturing non-local behavior will be discussed. Relevant examples of the application will be considered.

讲座4:Wastewater treatment

讲座人:Tomislav Trisovic


Tomislav Trisovic教授于2004年在贝尔格莱德大学科技与冶金学院获得博士学位,主要研究电子化学、污水处理等课题。在国际期刊发表重要学术论文二十余篇,获得技术专利19项,是塞尔维亚冶金协会会员。主持10余项国际合作项目,先后获得技术创新奖、金牌勋章等奖励。


The aim of this study was to develop a low-cost electrochemical device for the production of disinfectant, active chlorine, at the place of its usage, based on newly developed technical solutions and newest commercial components. The projected electrochemical device was constructed and mounted, and its operation was investigated. Investigations involved both functionality of individual components and device in general. The major goal of these investigations was to achieve maximal efficiency in extreme condition of elevated room temperature and humidity with a novel device construction involving coaxial heat exchanger at the solution inlet. Room operation of the proposed device was investigated when relative humidity was set to 90% and the ambient temperature of 38°C. The obtained results in such extreme operation conditions reveled that it was possible to obtain required concentration of 0.85% of active chlorine with maximal temperature of outlet electrolyte of 35.3°C, which is within the limits of optimal temperatures.









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